Western Painting – Pin Striping – Stripes Teased!

Pin Striping – The Concept

Pin Striping is a Decorative Art, generally employed for styling custom-made automobiles such as motorbikes, and other vehicles. However, sometimes, the fines lines in textile prints are also termed alike. Pin Striping, a wing of Western Painting, is a work of experts, who use very thin, almost pen-like brush for creating their designs. Pin Striping brush is made from wood, brass fixture, and squirrel hair bristles. The handle of the brush is cylindrical in shape to provide the ease of use and a smooth rotation of the tool, for perfect design. The bristles are given a sword-like shape for sleek pattern and they are used for Freehand Pin Striping, which is the toughest method of designing. Stripe Atlas review

The Details

— Colors — There is no set rule for Striping, but conventionally two shades are used – one (primary) that is complimentary to the color of the background (body color), and the other is a contrast of the first. The second color is used as thinner curvilinear drawing, closely following the moves of the first. This helps in bringing out the effect of the first (primary) color. The medium used is oil paint or other suitable material, termed as Pin Stripe.

— Types — Primarily, there are following three types of pin striping procedures:

— Freehand Striping — This by far, is the most flexible method of decoration. However, it requires great skill, mastery on hand movements, and a lot of experience.

— Stencil Tapes — Relatively inexperienced artists use a masking tape, carved in the desired style along the edges. This vinyl tape is kept at some distance from the actual brushstrokes, and is used only as a reference. There are various types of Stencil Tapes to suit various requirements. These tapes are laid on the surface and are painted over, using a pin striping brush.

— Mechanical Striping — It is used in the case of large automobiles, like vans, truck, station wagons etc. In this method, magnetic design strips are stuck on the surface and are used as design templates, which are mostly of linear kind.

The History

Pin striping is an old art and dates back to the period of horse-driven carriages, when artists used brushwork for freehand work. Dean Jeffries and Kenny Howard were considered the originators of the Modern Pen Striping Art in the 1950s. However, others give credit to Dean Jeffries and Tommy Hrones. No matter how this art came into being, today it is considered an avant-garde art and a signature style of Modernism.

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